Morning Prayer to Praise God in Advance

Dear Lord,

I pray for your strength today as I step into the world.

Give me your eyes, so I can see all that there is to see.

Give me your ears, so that I listen intently for every morsel of instruction.

Give me your heart, so that i can be more compassionate.

Thank you for your grace and mercy which you hand out freely every day.

Lord, wrap your loving arms around those who needed it most today,

and give them your peace.

I thank you that no matter what I may face today,

with your help I will be able to endure, overcome and prevail.

I thank you in advance for your strength and energy that will sustain me,

your wisdom that will guide me and your peace that will fill me.

May I honor you today in all I think, say and do.

Lord, I ask for your unfailing guidance, as I step out in search of my daily bread today.

Let your mighty hands of protection and strength cover me as I walk through today.

Thank you because I am safe in your hands.

As I go out today, show yourself strong for me. My God is all-powerful

and is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine.

So, today Lord, help me to safely anchor myself to you.

Help me to recognize and accept your divine help when I see it today.

I receive the grace to depend on you and not on myself.

I commit my ways to you so that you can empower me to stand in faith and face my lion’s den in whatever form it may come. Lord, I need you to strengthen my belief. Your word assures me, and first, John, chapter four, verse four.

And it says you are of God, little children. And have overcome them. Because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. And indeed, I declare this to be true in my life. Greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world.

I believe and accept. That I am your child. And you will never leave me, no, forsake me. I agree with your word. That no matter how overwhelming my trials may seem, you are the one who works within me is greater and more powerful than anything in this world, and this gives me unspeakable joy.

And for that, I am grateful. Lord, I want to live for you. And I know that without faith, it’s impossible to please you. Therefore, I pray that you will help me to strengthen my faith in you.

So that you can develop it for your glory. Help me to fearlessly put my trust in you as I face my daily battles. May you grant me this desire for strong faith? I pray that your steadfast love will forever remain with me, even as I walk by faith and not by sight. Thank you for hearing this prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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