End Your Day With This Bedtime Prayer

End Your Day With This Bedtime Prayer. As the Lord looks from the heavens above and his eyes fall on you,

have you ever thought what does he see? Or rather, who does he see on the throne of your heart? Who are you placing first in your life with your actions?

Isaiah, 26, verse nine, says, My soul yearns for you in the night. In the morning, my spirit longs for you. Does your soul yearn for God in the night?

Does your spirit long for the Lord in the morning? The Bible says many are called, but few are chosen. But what is it that separates the many from the few? Because it’s only when your heart is truly given to God that you can obey the greatest commandment given to us in Matthew 22, verse 37.

Love the Lord, your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. So allow me to encourage you, Man of God, allow me to uplift you. Woman of God. May we be part of the chosen few who decide that no one else will have the throne to their heart other than the risen king who is Jesus Christ? May we not grow weary of well doing?

And above all, make you love the Lord, your God with all your heart and with all your soul and mind, so as you end your day, take a moment and repeat this prayer after me.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for protecting me today.

I thank you for seeing me through this day. It’s only through your grace and mercy that I am healthy. It’s only through your loving kindness that I have life in my body. I want to take this time. To say thank you, Lord Jesus. Of all the things happening in the world right now.

Thank you for keeping me and watching over me. As I end my day and prepare to go to sleep.

King, Jesus, I invite you into my home.

I invite you into my room. Send your angels to watch over me. May the Holy Spirit be with me.

So that I may dream heavenly dreams. Your word in Proverbs three, verse 20 forward tells me that.

When I lie down, I will not be afraid.

When I lie down, my sleep will be sweet. I thank you for your word. Because I know that you are a gracious God. A God who watches over me at night as well as during the day. So I ask this evening, tonight.

Make your eyes look upon me and my family, may your hand be over us and covering us. I declare your word in Psalm for verse eight to be true to me. In peace, I will both lie down and sleep. For you alone, oh, lord, make me dwell in safety. I dwell in safety, I sleep in safety.

Because I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. No weapon formed against me or my family will prosper. I will sleep in divine peace because of you, Lord. When I sleep, I will not be terrified by any uneasy imagination’s.

I will not be kept awake by anxious cares and distressing dreams. Instead, I cast all of my burdens onto you. Take every single one of my worries. Through your word in Matthew 11, verse 28. You have given me a special invitation.

You have told me to come to you when I labor and when I’m heavy laden. And you will give me rest and you alone, I will find rest for my soul. And you alone, my uke is made easy and my burden is made light.

My father in heaven.

Elohim, the living god you are here, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, you are the great I am. And I confess you to be everything that I want and need tonight.

When it comes to protection. I am protected by you, Lord Jesus.

If it’s strength that I need, I am strong in you if it’s healing. I can find healing in you. When it comes to provision.

I look to you, Jehova, Jireh, my provider.

Even for comfort, for my troubled heart.

I am made whole in you. God, you are my shield and my strength. I speak the blood of Jesus to surround my home. Just as it saved the children of Israel in Exodus 12. May the blood of Jesus Christ serve as a symbol to the enemy.

That he cannot come near me or my home. May the blood of Jesus form a perimeter around me. So that no evil, no attack from the devil will cross that line.

Remember me, Lord, remember my family father?

Just as you told the Israelites in Exodus 12.

I said, when I see the blood.

I will pass over you and will not harm you.

Farther today in this present day. As your child.

I seek to be hidden and protected by your precious blood. Thank you, Lord, for hearing this prayer in the precious name of Jesus Christ, I pray.

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