Evening Prayer to bless your night before you sleep

Father, God, you are the strength of my salvation, and I give thanks to your holy name. I pray that your blood washes me clean.

Your love amazes me today. Your love is incredible. I thank you for your word that tells me in Jeremiah, that before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born. I sanctified you. May Your name always be praised for such a love. I thank you for meeting my greatest need, which is to be loved unconditionally.

Thank you for such deep love, Father God. For such an everlasting and eternal love that knows no bounds. I desire to draw close to you. I bless your name, Lord, and I thank you for being the strength of my life. I pray that just like David, my only desire, the only thing that I will seek is to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

Heavenly and merciful Father, I pray that You will spread your protective arms over me and my family.

Cover us with your protecting angels and keep us well and safe from all harm and spiritual attacks.

Almighty Father, I count myself blessed for the wonderful family members

You’ve bound me with, though I may not always appreciate them.

Give us peace and love towards one another.

Quell the quarreling tongue. Bring us close to each other.

Heavenly Father, I claim sweet sleep, because I know my life is in

Your hands and I can close my eyes knowing that You have covered me in Your blood.

I rest assured in the knowledge that my family is covered by the blood of the Lamb.

I thank You for keeping us safe all these years and I know You will continue to do so, my Lord.

Father, I worship You, for You are great. I extol Your wonders because You are an amazing God!

You keep us, You shield us, You defend us.

When the enemy comes in, You are my shield and I find joy in knowing how You ensure my safety.

You provided the strength, wisdom, peace, and safety to empower me.

Now that I am done for the day, I ask for one more thing: a blessed, peaceful night.

Let me not sin against You in thought or deed. Rather,

allow me to spend the time reflecting on Your goodness and grace.

You called us when we were unworthy and for that I will forever remain thankful.

I ask, father that you direct our steps and you fulfill your plan for our lives. Let our feet run swiftly to follow after you. help us, Lord Jesus, in our priorities so that we may not chase the breakthrough, but rather chase you, Lord, the source of the breakthrough.

Strengthen us so that our eyes may be fixed on you, Lord Jesus, I pray and I believe for a supernatural breakthrough. May we begin to see victory and breakthroughs that work in our lives.

I thank you for hearing this prayer, Father, I bless your holy name for each and every person that is in agreement, for each person that believes, make a way for us father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.


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