A Powerful Bedtime Prayer – Dear Lord Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus, bless me with rest tonight

And a good night’s sleep.

Forgive me for things I did today that did not honor you

Thank you for loving me so much and for knowing me through and through

I need your help every day and I thank you for the strength you give

And for helping me know that with you all things are possible

Bless my family and my home and keep us safe throughout the night

May your angels guard and watch over us

You’ve told us that we are just like sheep and that you lead and guard us like a shepherd

You know our names and you make us feel special and loved.

When we are hurt, you make us feel better

Bless the people in our world and help them to know and love you as we do

Father, I bow before you in prayer and praise

Please forgive me for my sins and for my many faults

As I sleep tonight, please life my worries and fears

And put faith and inspiration in their place

Help me to see my consciousness with love and joy

So I may awaken tomorrow with a deep sense of peace

Weave moments of laughter into my day

And help me to be a blessing to others as you’ve been a blessing to me

Thank you Lord for helping me to remember the beauty of this life you have given to me

I rebuke any night terrors in the name of Jesus. I call for angels to surround me.

I ask for your presence to cover me completely. May your Holy Spirit be found in my home,

may the presence of the Holy Spirit be so strong in my home and in my room.

I pray for the light that is Jesus Christ to shine in my life. Destroy the darkness.

Your word in Hebrews 12 says you are a consuming fire. Meaning that you are a God who is powerful and holy

And so I ask that you burn away any cloud of confusion over my life.

Burn away any spirit of fear that may try to attack my life. I come against the spirit of depression.

I speak peace of my life. I thank you for being a faithful God.

You were a God who will never leave me nor forsake, I thank you for hearing my prayer,

Father, and every single person who is in agreement, Lord listening.

Father I thank you for hearing this Prayer
I bless your precious name and uplift you oh lord

I thank you for your word and these promises that are found in the book of psalms
I pray that they’re true in my life Lord Jesus

May all the glory and honor be unto you in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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