How Did The Virgin Mary Die?

This is what John Paul II says, St. John Damascene and the tradition of the Church

Did the Blessed Virgin Mary die? How and from what did he die? They are, by the way, quite complicated questions, and that for years have been made from the holy fathers of the Church, to the most exalted theologians and current mariologists.

A subject that surely was a matter of discussion after Pius XII declared the dogma of the Assumption, because in the end, out of prudence, he did not pronounce definitively on the death or not of Mary: she never clarified whether she was a member after dying and being resurrected, or if she was transferred to heaven in body and soul without going through the trance of death.

But an excellent clarification on the subject was made by Saint John Paul II in the magnificent catechesis of the audience on June 25, 1997. Based on this, we offer a summary in several points:

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