Prayer for Your Family

If we think about Christ on the cross, it helps us to understand our family struggles.

That moment of great pain and suffering was also the doorway to salvation.

When we suffer and serve our family, the greatness of God’s love shines through.

Remember this in the trials your family faces.

Seek God’s promises for your family. Ask the Lord to reveal them to you.

Pray upon his promises. Get strength and peace from them.

It may take days, months or years — but even a lifetime is worth the life and love that comes from your family.



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  1. God, doesn’t want you unhappy. My Preist and I had a long discussion about divorce, faith, and consequences. I am trying to get custody of my 16yr old daughter from my ex-wife. He made a statement that still resonates with me. “Sometimes to help your family you must attack your family”

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