Powerful Prayer to Heal the Soul and the Body From Every Demonic Act … Pray it Daily

Dear God, the doctor of souls and bodies, who sent your beloved Son Jesus Christ to heal all evil and heal all disease and save the human race from the death of sin and expelled Satan the Genius and all his evil angels from the height of heaven To the depth of the earth ..

O Lord, heal your creation from all the pain of the soul and the flesh, and from every devilish act by the grace of Jesus, your beloved Son, deliver it and keep it from all that is holy in your holy cross, and defile the unclean spirits that have no share and fellowship with them.

All the power of the invisible and invisible enemies of the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God Mary .. and the preaching of St. Anthony and all of your saints … and do good deeds and thank you for the abundance of your mercy to her the right of our Lord Jesus Christ your only son with whom it is fitting for you glory and your Holy Spirit forever .. Amen .. And for the son ..

Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, for whom we are human beings, and for our salvation, you have become a human being from Mary the virgin, with your pain and your living death, crushed the gates of hell, tied the strong and strengthened us to plunder his possessions. .

Yes, Lord, you are the one who brought out the choir of demons and ordered the unclean spirits to come out of the guide and to move away from them. I said to your messenger, “I have given you authority to trample the serpents and the scorpions and all the enemy’s forces.” Save your master, your slave / your nation from all harm.

In the darkness, and from the devil of the afternoon, so that your servant may sing with your divine support and with the prayers of your mother, the Virgin Mary, the Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary and the reserve of the angel of angels, in faith, hope and love, saying, “Lord, help me.

The man does to me “because you are my help, my strength and my destiny, do not be afraid of evil, and you are worthy of glory with your son and your soul. Doos now, all the time and forever .. Amen .. and the Holy Spirit ..

The Holy Spirit, the paraclete who emanates from the Father and the Savior, and who is glorified with the Father and the Son, who appeared at the head of our Lord Jesus Christ with a dove and above the holy apostles.

All its harmful action, let him go away and depart from the body and the same creature of this devil the devil and the devil unclean and all race of unclean races.

Yes, Lord, we beseech you, beseeching you not to take over any of its members, nor to itself, nor to, nor to destroy anything in it, against the Holy Cross, which is with it, and to preserve it so that it may always be peaceful everywhere, with the intercession of the Mother of God, Mary and our Blessed Father Antonius and All the saints and glorify you Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son forever .. Amen

The power of the Lord, the Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, will be with all those who pray and guard them and save them from all harm to the soul and body through the intercession of the Holy Mother of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary and all other saints. Amen

And the flood of the LORD will disperse, and all his enemies will be scattered, and flee before his face, whom they hate, and be scattered, as the smoke evaporates, and the wax dissolves from the fire. Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever .. Amen

O God, who has given St. Anthony your servant the grace to vanquish and trample all demonic forces, give your creation, this student your help, to be pure and safe from all the works of the devils and from all the damage of the soul and the flesh against our Lord Jesus Christ with whom you must be glory and honor and with your Holy Spirit. Amen



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