Prayer for a Strong Heart

When you face trouble and see the aggression of the world, the natural reaction is to block everything out. While it’s important to protect your heart, a hardened heart never does anyone any good.

A relationship with Christ gives you the chance to experience a supernatural reaction to all the pain and suffering. When your heart grows, it can love and endure more. God’s Spirit enables you to be emotionally durable and resilient. Even though situations may change, this doesn’t mean you have to love less.

Ask God for a heart that stands ready to face the challenges of our life and times. Ask him for a heart that responds to our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dear loving Lord, I rest in you; I trust in you.

My life depends upon you. In your presence, I feel great joy.

Yet still, my life isn’t perfect, And my hurt troubles me.

How do I face it all? How do I process the pain?

There is only one way, Only by your Spirit and grace Is it even possible.

Let my heart grow, Oh Lord. Give me the grace to love more.

Help me to resist the temptation to harden my heart against This cruel and selfish world,

And even against my own failure. Your goodness and mercy Called me and won me over.

Instead of condemnation, You offered the salvation of my soul.

Give me a strong heart, Oh loving Lord, Like the heart of Christ,

Full of compassion and courage Despite the hate and confusion;

A heart not afraid to suffer As the Spirit of God resides within.

Hide me in your heart, Oh Lord, In that place where I am safe And strong in Christ Almighty.

In the sweet name of Jesus, Amen.


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