Powerful Prayer to Stay Positive

The world is full of negativity these days, and it affects us all. The reality is that times are tough. It’s hard to find meaning and truth sometimes.

The more you develop your relationship with Jesus, the more you understand our complicated world. Also, you understand yourself more. Christ is the key to stay positive, even in the worst situations.

Oh merciful Lord,

Negativity and noise try to bring me down and isolate me. So I call out to you now.

In the name of Jesus, cast out the enemy and his lies telling me everything is over, and there is no hope.

Fill me with the Spirit of God telling me I am loved, washed clean and reborn in Christ.

May I be steady and quick. Let my faith deflect the enemy’s attack.

Strike him down with your Word, oh mighty Lord.

I rejoice in my weakness as it brings me to your feet. A place of glory. A place of rest.

Make it this way for me, oh loving Lord,

In the name of Jesus,



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