Powerful Prayer To Jesus For Healing

Are you facing illness? Do you need prayer for healing? History is full of miracles completed by God’s hand. Still, followers of Christ are not guaranteed a life without suffering. What Jesus gives to us is far greater – everlasting life and freedom from condemnation.

If you are sick, go to God. Ask with confidence for healing, both physical and spiritual. In all things, accept his timing and his will. The more you trust in him, the more incredible the results will be.

Dear loving Lord, My body is sick, my soul weary.

So I go to the only place where I can find true rest- In your arms.

Is it too much to ask, Oh Lord To heal me of my illness? Give me a humble heart.

Let me know my faith Does not exclude me from Pain and suffering.

Jesus says, “Your faith has healed you.” “Your faith has saved you.

” Make my faith strong, Oh Lord. Let me look to you and cry out,

Heal me, Lord! Save me! Hear my cry!

I know you hear me, I know you are full of mercy.

Pour out your love over My burdened flesh And wounded spirit.

Only you can cleanse me. Make me whole again.

Change my heart, Oh loving Lord, To desire only your will.

Make me like your Son May Christ live in me.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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