Prayer to free and heal your family

How much do you pray for your family to be free and healed? Today’s family is under tremendous pressure. The enemy wants us to be divided and isolated. But Almighty God desires forgiveness, unity and love.

The restoration of your family is the work of a lifetime. Some knots and wounds go back for generations. No family will ever be perfect. Still, Christ’s perfect work can free and heal your family in miraculous ways. Don’t place your expectations before God’s plan. Stay forever hopeful. This process of trusting and waiting forms your character as a child of God.

Dear heavenly Father, Do you see my family?

Broken and imprisoned By selfishness, fear, hurt And silence.

Won’t you help us, please? Send your Spirit, Oh Lord! Forgive us! Save us!

Pour out your mercy now! Cast out the enemy!

Place the promise in our hearts That nothing is impossible for you.

Give me the faith and courage to continue in prayer and service No matter what it takes,

No matter how long. I know Christ fights for us.

I know he died for us. I know he rose again on the 3rd day.

May that truth reach even The hardest of our hearts.

Set the captives free, Wash our deepest wounds.

And let me not be hurried, Lord.

Teach me to wait upon your grace, To rest in your will.

My family is worth the wait. Unite us in your all-consuming love.

In the holy name of Christ Jesus, Amen.


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