Most Powerful Wednesday Miracle Prayer

Most Powerful Wednesday Miracle Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank you for your love for me and for seeing beyond my faults and weaknesses.

Help me to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Help me to show to others, the same grace, compassion and mercy that you show to me.

Help me to love with your love and to be a source of encouragement to all around me.

I commit this day to you and all that’s in it.

In Jesus’ name I ask these things. Amen



  1. Please I ask for prayers everything is working against me I’m so upset . It started on Saturday w paying my Verizon home phone on line and it was to be that I pay 118. That’s what the block should me well it turns out it was 386.58 and there isn’t anything I can do to help bc Verizon will not be able to do anything tell 3-6 weeks.
    Mean while I didn’t have that kind of money my account bounced and I get charged per day I’m never gonna get ahead I’m so scared .
    Since sat it seams like if not one thing it another .
    Oh yesterday direct TV couldn’t take there money from my account as they are supposed to ever month 80.well they shut us off .
    So stressed now we all are .
    Just think next week my mom turns 82 as of right now I can’t do anything for her bc of Verizon ?
    Also my wedding anniversary is next week
    I’m so scared please help my family and my dogs and myself asap ?
    Tyvm amen

  2. Jesus thank you for loving me unconditionally.Thank you for giving me my family my loved ones,my friends.Thank for putting TC in my path of Redemption.And his help in making me see the power of meditation.During my deep meditation i realized what is my true purpose on why you created me and true calling here on Earth.I may never met him.Nevertheless i always thank him in my prayers.Forgive me of my sins that i commit everyday in my words,thoughts and actions.Dear Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.I will continue and beg you to forgive me and mankind till my dying days.Please Jesus take all of us to Heaven with you.

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