How to Know When Someone is Possessed by a Demon

Listed by Luigi Janiri, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, university professor and student of phenomena linked to possession

The Italian Luigi Janiri is a professor in Lumsa Universities of Rome and Catholic, Milan. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, he studied closely the phenomena involving people supposedly possessed by the devil in order to identify which elements can help distinguish between psychopathological conditions and cases really unexplained by medicine.

Some of his comments can be read in this article , but we list below seven signs that, according to Janiri, can be recognized as “paranormal” or at least “extraordinary” enough to be interpreted as “presence” of a foreign entity in the body of an individual:

Seven signs
1) Somatic changes: changes in the color of the eyes, stigmas or other skin “inscriptions”, marks of fire, unexplained hemorrhages, abrupt changes in tone and tone of voice, etc .;

2) Titanism : force incompatible with the physical of the person or that leads him to perform feats such as lifting disproportionate weights, hurling large furniture or throwing very heavy objects;

3) Levitation : rising from the ground without support;

4) Speak in languages unknown to the person; often, moreover, are dead or archaic languages;

5) Read others’ thoughts : demonstrate knowing what the interlocutor is thinking or feeling at the moment;

6) “Vomit” objects that the person can not have introduced in itself, like nails or flower petals; in this same concept, phenomena are added as the “prodigious” appearance of objects from nothing or the transformation of objects into different ones;

7) Hypersensitivity to sacred symbols : phenomena such as those mentioned above occur spontaneously during Mass, particularly during very significant moments, such as blessing; or in the presence of priests, even if they are not exorcists; or during exorcisms.


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