When You Feel Weak, Pray This Powerful Prayer!

Our God is the God of challenges and victories, not the comfort and the least effort.

God will never abandon you. The style of God goes beyond our imagination because He is the God of surprises and responds us in the most unexpected ways.

Take on the challenges that come your way. Believe in God, in your love, in your unlimited power. Believe in yourself and in all that God has placed in your heart. Do not listen to the voices that try to discourage you and bring you down. You are the result of God’s love perfecting itself more and more in your life!

Walk steadily and securely with hope turned to Jesus and his promises: to walk with Him is triumph and happiness. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He shows us that God is our Father! He tells us that God loves us and will do wonders in us, even if in many situations He remains silent or seems distant.

When you feel without faith and without strength, say to God, ” I can do all things through you, who strengthen me .” This prayer will not eliminate all your problems at once, because that is not how God acts:

He has brought us into this world so that we learn to be strong, to struggle, to overcome difficulties, to value good, to leave aside that which does not fulfill us, to choose what is worth. That is why He allows the difficulties. Everything has a reason, a meaning, a purpose.

That is why prayer does not make difficulties disappear at once, but it gives us a little more peace, serenity, recollection, reflection and strength to face problems and find solutions.

Our God is the God of challenges and victories, not of comfort and of the least effort. He is the God of hope, of joy, of triumph, but also the God who allows us to live the difficulties to grow and overcome.


God, my Father, I ask you for the courage and lucidity to face all my difficulties.

Do not let me get discouraged!

Thou art my strength and my firm rock, my shield against adversity.

In you I place my faith and my hope.

My heart wants to feel full of confidence in you at all times, full of your strength to win the challenges and win victories every day!

Help me to do my best, to give myself fully to the goodness and purity of your Fatherly love, to hear your Word that embraces me, sustains me, encourages me and encourages me to overcome all obstacles.

Help me to explore the depth of my being, to search deeply and find all the talents you have sown in me, to achieve happiness in all the tasks of my day-to-day.

In your name and with your help, Father, I know that I can overcome, because he who trusts in you, in your mercy and in your love, always triumphs with you!


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