The Beautiful Faith Of Every Catholic In His Own Guardian Angel

Each one has his, as taught by the Bible and by the Tradition of the Church.

The word angel comes from the Greek ” angelos ” and means ” messenger “. Angels are pure spirits with the function of being messengers of God and the presence of God in our life.

The Pope St. Gregory the Great explains:

“The word ‘angel’ refers to a function, not a nature. Indeed, those holy spirits of the heavenly homeland are always spirits, but they can not always be called angels. They are angels only when they perform the function of messengers … And those who transmit messages of greater transcendence are called archangels. ”

The Church celebrates St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael’s Day of the Archangels on September 29th and the Guardian Angels Day on October 2nd.

As for the guardian angels, Jesus speaks of them in the Gospel:

” Beware of despising any of these little ones, for I tell you, in heaven their angels are continually kept in the presence of my Father who is in heaven ” (Mt 18:10).

Each one has his guardian angel, teaches Christianity. St. Basil the Great declared explicitly that ” All faithful are accompanied by an angel as guardian and shepherd to lead him to life, ” and Psalm 90 affirms to the faithful that God ” sent his angels to keep you in all your ways .”

In history

The faith in the existence of the guardian angels is as old as the Christian faith itself . Although the liturgical feast of the Guardian Angels was only formally included in the calendar of the whole Church in 1608 by Pope Paul V , the Christian people had celebrated it for several centuries. In the year 1010, for example, Saint Bernard recommended that the faithful be aware of the presence of the angels and always respect them, maintaining correct behavior, thanking them for their many aids and relying on their help. From long before, but still in the year 800, there are records that the English held a feast in honor of the guardian angels.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

The best known prayer to the guardian angel is personally addressed to the angel of each faithful who prays:

Holy Angel of the Lord,
my zealous keeper,
if you have entrusted to me divine piety,
always governs me, guards, governs and enlightens.

In the original Latin version:

Àngele Dei,
qui cùstos is mei,
me, tìbi commìssum pietàte
superna , hòdie illùmina, custòdi, rège et gubèrna.


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For little children, it is popular for parents to start teaching this other version:

Holy angel,
my good friend,
always leads me
along the right path.

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