A Night Prayer To End Your Day and Help You To Sleep In God’s Presence

The love of God is divine. It’s true. And everlasting. The Bible even goes as far as stating that God is love so great is his love that John three verse 16 says for God, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The love of our own mighty God, Jehovah is characterized by grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

So as you end your day, I encourage you to take time out and just say, thank you, Lord. We must thank him because we are truly blessed that his love for us never changes. And with that said, let us pray.

Dear father, you are the King of my heart. You are my savior, Lord Jesus. And out of love, you came to this earth, and you were crucified on a cross so that I may be saved. I praise you for such a deep, supernatural love that I could never repay.

Your love amazes me today. Your love is incredible. I thank you for your word that tells me in Jeremiah, that before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born. I sanctified you. May Your name always be praised for such a love. I thank you for meeting my greatest need, which is to be loved unconditionally.

You are a God who knows all. You are a God who sees all. All that is done in the light and all deeds and thoughts in the darkness. And regardless of knowing my most shameful secrets, you still decided to offer me a perfect sacrificial and eternal love. You decided to offer me grace and mercy In spite of my faults. You decided to show me a powerful love, though you know me inside out and you know, every area that I fall short. And for that King Jesus, I am truly grateful.

And so I am grateful to be able to call on your name. And it’s a privilege to be saved, to be loved and to be cared for by you. May you walk beside me every day, Lord Jesus, for you are a constant friend. And may your presence surround my home and stay with me all through the night and always.

Only in you do I place my belief and confidence for all things, because you have proven yourself time and time again, to be a God who I can depend on. I pray that a divine and Holy peace, just like a river may overflow in my soul. As I rest and sleep tonight, I pray for peace and also protection. I pray and invite the Holy spirit to always be with me. Even as I pray, I ask that the Holy spirit will always be with me. I pray that he will help me to trust more and worry less, to have more faith and no fear to have more belief. And no doubt.

You Lord can meet every one of my needs, whether they are financial, relational, physical, or emotional.You Alone can satisfy every single one of my needs father. And so you are worthy to be exalted and I uplift your name on high father. All the glory belongs to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I pray. Amen.

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