12 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Priest To Show Appreciation

9) Gift certificate to a favorite hobby store

Does your priest love to golf? Is he a runner? Does he like to write, or is he a musician? A gift certificate to a place he can splurge on a new accessory for a favorite hobby is always much appreciated.

10) Good coffee, tea, chocolate, or wine

These never get old. Go for the good stuff that he never buys for himself — the fair-trade aromatic tea, the roasted, locally grown coffee beans, homemade truffles, the beautiful bottle of port.

11) Cash money, baby

This never gets old either. While you can’t guarantee your priest will actually spend it on himself, there are always practical things he may need to buy for himself, or upcoming vacations he would like to save for.

12) Prayer

We ask our priests to pray for us, but they need our prayers, too. Visit a nearby parish and obtain a Mass card for him or give him a card with the promise of a certain number of rosaries or chaplets or a novena for his needs and intentions. It warms a priest’s heart to know that the people he serves are praying for him.

Source: aleteia

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