12 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Priest To Show Appreciation

Thoughtful presents that provide R&R, build friendship, and offer support are often the best

Diocesan priests don’t take a vow of poverty like religious priests do, but figuring out what to buy a man who’s devoted himself to the work of God can still be a challenge. It’s important to remember that priests are people too, with needs, interests and hobbies, and they enjoy being treated to special things like anybody else.

Many priests are also overworked and isolated these days, so sometimes the best gift is one that helps them feel supported and cared for.

Here are 12 ideas to consider this Christmas when you’re wondering how to show your priest that you deeply appreciate him and his service:

1) Season tickets to the symphony, theater, sports games or a lecture series

Does your priest have a favorite local sports team? Does he enjoy the symphony, plays, or interesting cultural talks? Season tickets to something he loves are a real treat. You may even get yourself an extra set and go with him!

2)  Gift card for gas, car tune-up or auto detailing

Many dioceses have priest shortages and priests are often pastors of more than one parish. Some have mission parishes they must travel to as well. Priests often put thousands and thousands of miles on their cars every year, and they appreciate the ability to keep their vehicles safe and running well.

3) An invitation to spend a day at an amusement park or museum with your family

Priests need some fun and healthy recreation too! And it’s a great way to get to know a priest outside the parish setting.

4) An invitation to brunch or dinner at your home

It may come as a surprise, but many priests don’t get invited to families’ homes to sit around the table for a meal. Invite your priest over for brunch or dinner.

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