When You Feel Overwhelmed, Pray this Powerful Prayer

This prayer for when you feel overwhelmed is just a starting point. Remember, God is in control – trust him. Building trust requires time in his presence.

The worries of the world make your mind race. It’s hard to maintain a healthy perspective. Adopt a heavenly viewpoint and watch worry fade away.

You may not have all the solutions, but God helps you to cope – and to conquer.

Oh holy Father,

I seek you as I feel completely overwhelmed. I do not have the time or energy to sustain myself.

Everything tells me there is too much to do.

Won’t you help me, oh Lord?

Show me your hand in control of all things. Let me rest in you.

May I trust that you give me eternal blessings always.

You alone are sovereign. You alone are the Lord.

So I stop at this moment and look for you, to feel the soft breeze

of your merciful love carrying my worries away. You transform me. You change my heart.

I rise up strong again, in CHRIST. I face the world, my path straight and firm, with faith in your Son Jesus.

In his great name I pray,



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  1. Please hear my prayers dear Lord. You know all that concerns me and is in my heart. My soul, heart and mind are so filled with worry, fear, and anxiety. Pray and help my so, Ryan. He needs miracles in his life. Please don’t allow his soul and spirit to be crushed. He needs an apartment in a good area. Near his sister and her family. I also need a new place to live. I’m completely out of strength but I try to pray. Please restore my family, Lord and the relationships that I miss so much. I love you my Lord and my God. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

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