[WATCH] A Sign from God Appears in the Sky, What Happens Next is Stunning

Can you imagine waking up, getting ready and stepping out the door to look up and see the most glorious sign from God you’ve ever seen? Well fortunately for one man he got the pleasure of witnessing a stunning sign from God through an image of Jesus hanging on the cross, high in the sky.

Not only did he get to see it he was able to capture it with his camera phone! Luckily he had his phone on him and as he zooms in you can clearly see how the clouds formed, moved and sculpted into the exact shape of the cross.

One of the greatest observations about this was next the sun started perfectly aligning with the middle of the cross. Definitely representing “the Son” (Jesus) is coming. It happens 2:20 minutes into the video and sun shines so brightly through the cloud opening it lights up the entire sky.

This is such an AMAZING moment caught on camera, you’ve gotta see this for yourself!

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