Use These 10 Powerful Weapons To Fight Off The Devil During Lent

6. Use the weapons Jesus used in the desert

Prolonged and fervent prayer, constant mortification (fasting) and familiarity with the Word of God, both meditating on it and putting it into practice — these are efficient weapons to combat and defeat the devil.

7. Speak with a spiritual director

St. Ignatius warns us that the devil likes secrets; if one is in a deep state of spiritual desolation, and opens up to a spiritual director, the temptation can be overcome. Total silence is like a cut or a wound that is hidden under clothing. Until the wound is exposed and cleaned, not only will it not heal, but it will become more and more infected, potentially leading even to amputation. In the same way, once a temptation is revealed to a spiritual director, one achieves power over it.

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