Prayer to Praise the Lord for His Blessings

Are you facing tough times? Does the chaos and danger of the world worry you? Who can you turn to for strength and comfort? There is only One.

When God’s people face overwhelming odds they turn to something powerful: Praise. When you praise God, you recognize his greatness and rightful place in your life as Creator, Lord and Savior. Praise also unites you to something much more profound. You join with a chorus of angels and saints and the entire Body of Christ. This is the force that transforms and saves the world. Praise the Lord!

Oh, heavenly Father,

Despite this fallen world And my complexity and pain, Let me praise you.

For you are the Most High. The Holy One. The Lord. In the face of hatred and despair

May, I be lifted up, Oh Lord, To praise you with conviction.

For I know full well The price paid for my soul.

My heart cannot deny your Pure and powerful love.

So let me raise my arms up high To proclaim your victory.

Your work is not done. The story has not ended. God’s Word is final, and it says,

You so loved the world, You gave your only Son.

Whoever believes Shall not perish But will have everlasting life.

I believe, Oh loving Lord, This alone makes me strong.

Your Spirit fills me and moves me To praise your glorious name out loud.

Christ has died! Christ has risen! Christ will come again!

In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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