Prayer to live by grace

Have you ever tried to give up a bad habit? Or you might seek to get free of negative behavior or attitudes.

If you do this out of obligation, it might help you. But if you make a change because of love, then miraculous things occur. Even though you can’t force it, you can pray for it. Ask God to mold your heart. Let his grace transform you and purify your motives.

Instead of saying, “I have to,” let your heart say, “I want to. I want to because I am loved by a great God who sent his Son to save me. Now I can love in return.”

Dear holy Lord, For too long tried to live without you.

For too long my heart wandered In the darkness alone.

Yet you never stopped calling out. You never gave up on me.

Now my heart understands You are life and love. Without you, nothing else makes sense.

Yes, I must do my part, Yes, I must obey, Still, your grace is sufficient to satisfy my soul.

May it all come forth from that truth, And may my life be made whole By the love and mercy of Jesus.

For only He is holy, Only He is Lord. Christ sits at the right hand Of the Father.

And His Spirit sets me free From the lie that I am alone.

Bring me before Your throne, Oh Lord, Let me bow down and worship,

A sinner restored, I am your child in Christ.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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