Prayer to Know God’s Love in Your Life

You may know about God’s love in your head, but do you feel it in your heart? Maybe sometimes you don’t feel anything. Could it be that you suffer too much? Or has your heart grown hard?

The Gospel message is a message of love. It contains all the secrets of God’s tender care for you. In the teachings and examples of Jesus, you receive loving guidance. In Christ’s passion and resurrection, you receive the loving Spirit of God.

Dig deeper into these truths. Read the Word. Pray. Be in communion with your church. In all these ways, you connect with Jesus and his everlasting love.

Oh merciful Lord,

I feel you far, absent. Where’s your love?

I know you are there. I need to feel your love as a child feels a mother’s love.

Sure. Secure. Real.

So I cry out to you, my Creator, that by your mercy and grace I can open my heart in a clean, sincere way to let in your love.

If sin stands in the way, may forgiveness be the door to my salvation.

If I am afraid to let go, may your tender touch transform fear into trust.

You sent the Son, shamed and stained for me. The most profound way to show me you love me. No limit. Nothing held back. Divine, most holy love of God.

May your love pierce and rest deep in my heart,

With Christ, forever free.

In Jesus name,


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