Prayer to keep God present

It happens to all of us. You feel so full of the Spirit, then suddenly things go wrong. It’s as if you forgot about God altogether. Even though God is the owner of all grace, being aware of negative behavior is important.

When our flesh gets out of control, we become angry or impulsive. The solution begins with personal prayer asking for the Lord’s help. Little by little, he changes your character. Don’t expect to get things perfect or have big change right away. Work on it and let God work on you.

Some people have a tendency to bring out the worst in you — so remember to prepare your heart and mind. Ask the Holy Spirit to get you ready. Stay focused on Christ instead of conflict or insults.

And when you mess things up, don’t give up. Don’t let the enemy win. Instead, go back to Jesus. Ask for forgiveness and begin again.

Dear merciful Lord,

In silence and prayer I feel your presence. Yet back in the world I forget.

Why do I lose sight of you? I know you, I trust you, But I get distracted and fail.

I let my flesh react without thinking or care, ignoring or hurting others even though I don’t want to.

Won’t you change me, oh Lord?

I can’t do it on my own. Remove the obstacles in my heart that cover your grace.

When I arise from prayer let me not forget your love, and may my prayer continue.

When I engage with people may your mercy go forth, as I was saved by your mercy.

Let me stand firm on principles, on the rock that is Christ, whose Spirit gives me life.

Help me be humble, my Lord. May your hand never leave me.

Let my life glorify Christ.

In Jesus name,



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