Prayer to filled by God’s Spirit

Do you have a lot of responsibilities piling up? It all just seems like too much sometimes, doesn’t it? Don’t seek perfection or reliance on yourself alone. Seek God instead.

You might not have the time, but make the time. Ask God to fill you with his Spirit. Then you will see things more clearly. You’ll be more organized. When God is your first priority, he shows you how to prioritize your life.

So cry up and out to him. And even if you fall short or make a mistake, you know he is there to lift you up again. Our God is mighty, great and loving. Praise his holy name!

Dear holy Lord, I feel empty and drained. So many tasks, so much to do.

I need your Spirit. Won’t you help me? The enemy tries to convince me That it’s all too much.

And it’s true, all hope is lost Unless my God is with me.

So fill me now, Oh Lord, Fill me with the Spirit of God.

Restore me with the Living Water that is my Savior. Cleanse me of all sin and negativity.

Give me clarity and strength. Let me praise your name With my voice and my actions.

May your Spirit flow into me And fill me, Oh Lord.

May I rise up with Jesus, Resurrected and reborn, To face the day, Overcome my fears,

And live with great joy. My confidence unshakable In my Lord Jesus Christ.

All glory and honor are yours, In the name of Jesus, Amen.



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