Prayer to be able to change

When looking for a real change, it’s better to start from below. Jesus came down to our level, down to the dirt and mud that is human life. Knowing God also means knowing yourself better. If you recognize a need to change, then explore the source of the problem. For example, being aggressive, fearful, or controlling are symptoms of a deeper issue to be resolved. Get down into the dirt and discover yourself.

Jesus Christ was perfectly humble. The Spirit of God was completely free to do his work in Jesus. The humble heart is the heart that allows the Spirit to enter and work. This takes time. Don’t rush the process, and don’t ignore it either.

When he comes, the Spirit doesn’t need you to hide the mess or straighten things up. He wants to see the dirt and clutter. Let the Holy Spirit clean the house of your soul.

Dear loving Lord, I know I need to change. I’ve been shown so many times.

I’ve said over and over, ‘l just can’t.” But if there’s hope, if there’s faith Then YOU can.

Reveal to me, Oh Lord, My inner self. Show me the root of my problem.

Jesus came down to share in our suffering and hurt.

Let me come down from the high place Down to the earth.

Help me open up to you The sometimes dark messy place That is my heart.

Come in, Oh Lord, Free me, heal me, cleanse me. May your Spirit do his work in me.

I know I can not do it alone. I need you and those you send to me.

My strength comes from The Body that gives life. In Christ all things are possible.

A change can happen. And when your work is done According to your time I will rise again, with Christ, Restored and resurrected.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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