Prayer for when you need to concentrate

Feel like you just can’t catch up? Sometimes there’s just so much to do that you think you’ll  never make it. In moments like these, it’s harder than ever to stop and focus.

Just stop. At least for a moment. Connect with God the Father and ask for his grace.

Reaffirm your faith in him and his Kingdom in your life — not a life without problems, but a life with Christ at the center to give meaning and perspective to all things.

Dear holy Lord, Too many things call For my attention.

Chores and responsibilities Pile up a mile high. It’s all too much for me, But not for you.

May your mighty Spirit work in me. Help me focus, Oh Lord, Give me clarity and direction.

Pull me together, Oh Lord, Unite my mind, heart and body To finish each task required.

If your hand is upon me I am quick, nimble and efficient. I do not stray.

And where I can’t make it Your Spirit fills in the gaps Covering me with your grace.

All this, if I trust in you. Calm my worry, cast out fear,

And let me be certain Of your mighty merciful will Working in my life.

Let me do it for love, Oh Lord, For the love of my Savior, Christ Jesus, In his holy name I pray, Amen.



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