Prayer for When You Come Under Pressure

You have  responsibilities, but you don’t seem to have enough time or energy. You can’t escape your reality either. Still, it’s a good idea to discern where you might be wasting time. You can’t solve everyone’s problems.

No doubt, there are things you can’t avoid. You have to face them. And when it seems to be too much, it’s even more important to spend time in God’s presence. You might feel you don’t have the time, but in the end it saves you time. God gives you a clear mind. This makes you more efficient. You worry less and have more energy. Resist the temptation to try to do it on your own.

Yes, you suffer. Of course, it’s hard. But if you let God’s Spirit work in you, then your character in Christ becomes stronger. Go to him. Rest in the Lord. Then face your challenges with confidence in God.

Dear Heavenly Lord, At this moment when the enemy Rises up against me, I will not be afraid.

No matter how great the task, No matter how many obstacles, No matter how impossible it seems,

I stand firmly upon the Lord. Jesus is my Rock. Christ is my salvation and no power,

No threat, and no danger Can separate me from the love of God. I call out to you now,

Rise up, my Lord, my God! Cast out the enemy! Strike him down into the abyss.

Silence his lies. May God’s Kingdom come to me. Establish your holy order.

Give me clarity, peace and courage. I am a child of God. Your Spirit lives and reigns in me.

All evil must flee from you, Oh Lord. All glory and honor are yours.

May I rise up with Christ resurrected Strong and secure in the Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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