Prayer for when you are hurt

Have you felt loss or betrayal? These emotions hurt since something is gone that cannot return. It could be a person, or a sense of trust. When human weakness and fragility hit home, it shakes your foundations.

Even God has felt hurt and pain. For this the blood of Christ poured out over all humanity — to cleanse, to heal, and to bring freedom. No matter what your situation, no matter how confusing it seems, the Spirit of the Lord will explain it to you. You might not understand it with your head, but he will give you peace in your heart.

Dear loving Father,

Weakness and failure I see it around me And in me.

It’s all too much. Loss and betrayal rise up To test my faith.

I’m hurt and sad. My heart in a cold silence.

I know you are with me, Oh Lord, Yet the hurt remains.

Can I live with both Your presence and the pain?

How can I keep going When it seems all is lost?

How did Jesus feel When Lazarus died? When Judas betrayed him?

When Peter denied him? What does it mean when The heart of God hurts?

What did it take to see your Son Nailed to the cross?

Innocent blood soaks the earth. May I find truth and peace again,

Oh loving Father, In the wounds of my Lord, In my Savior, Christ Jesus.

There is no other answer for me In heaven or on earth.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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