Prayer for those who persecute you

If you are facing any kind of persecution, turn to God for help. No matter how difficult the situation, your prayers make a difference. God hears your prayer, and he helps you deal with any aggression. Whether it’s a miracle or just to give you strength, the Lord will not abandon you. These situations almost never end quickly, so rest upon the Word of God.

This doesn’t mean there is any excuse for abuse. You don’t have to tolerate an abusive relationship. Still, be careful to avoid any desire for vengeance. Seek the Spirit’s guide in how to respond. Also, talk to a trusted spiritual guide or friend about these things.

If you are being persecuted for your faith, remain strong… and rejoice! Today, it can be harder than ever to follow Christ. If you stay faithful, he will show you how.

Dear Heavenly Lord, I seek your presence For you alone can help me.

Others wish to do me harm. They speak evil of me.

They turn away from me, Or look at me with hate.

If the problem is mine, Oh Lord, Show me my mistake. Correct me, purify me.

If I am persecuted for your name’s sake May I stand strong and firm

And let all the glory be yours. May I respond to hate with mercy.

If I’m attacked, let me bless them. Show me how to love them.

Pour your Spirit into their hearts. Cast out all evil, Oh Lord! Only you can bring a true change.

Only you are the owner of grace. May your goodness work in all of us.

For we have all sinned against you, And in return, you sent us your Son.

Have mercy on our souls, Oh Lord. May your justice rule. Let the change start with me.

As I know full well the price paid for my soul.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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