Prayer for help in spiritual combat

When you are in a spiritual fight, invoke Christ’s holy name. In the name of Jesus reject the attacks, aggression, contamination, traps, influence, confusion, interference and lies of Satan. Raise your arms in thanks and praise. Then watch as the enemy flees from the presence of God’s Spirit within you.

Spiritual battles are fought on your knees. Later, the victories appear in your character and your life.

Dear heavenly Father, Without you what am l?

Does my life even make sense, If when I’m dead, I’m dead?

But one day, you showed me the glory, Of a sinner redeemed.

You broke my heart Then restored it new again In the love of Christ.

And now the enemy comes, To tear me down, To steer me away from my purpose.

But he will not stand, As Almighty God stands with me.

Send your Holy Spirit, Oh Lord, Drive out the enemy!

Crush him and cast him out into the abyss. God’s power and might cannot be resisted.

Let my voice and my life praise you In the midst of the battle that rages for all humanity.

Let me fight the good fight Let me serve you my great King, All the days of my life.

Every moment of every second I should be on my knees in thanks.

But today I stand tall Against the deceit and lies of Satan.

I reject him and cast him out By the authority of the Blood of Christ

In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen


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