Prayer for God’s Guidance

We like to think we know how to handle things. Or maybe you feel completely lost. The answer is always the same: Go To God. Jesus spent lots of time in prayer. He was seeking guidance, comfort and the will of his Father. If you follow this example, then you will be more secure in knowing God’s plan for your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask about little things and big things. Ask for guidance about how to live, what to buy and where to work. He will guide you if you ask. Then, be confident that God’s blessing is built into your decisions.

Dear heavenly Father, Without you I wander Around aimlessly.

I’m out of focus and distracted.

So once again I go to you for guidance and direction.

I am here, Oh Lord, Speak to me. Show me.

Clear away the clutter in my mind So I may see clearly.

Fill me with the Spirit of truth. Let me not be afraid to see and speak the truth.

Guide me, Oh loving Lord, As you did for your beloved Son.

He went seeking your presence For guidance and comfort,

And Christ did not lose his way.

Even when he saw pain and sacrifice Ahead of him,

my Lord chose The narrow path that leads to God’s glory.

I won’t do it perfectly; I may stumble or stray, But bring me back always,

Oh Lord, To the path that leads to my salvation.

My life, my love, my faith Is Christ Jesus.

Guide me along his path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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