Pray this Powerful Prayer for Strong Faith

With or without faith in God, life comes with challenges. But when your faith is strong, you gain a deeper peace and confidence. Plus, the Lord gives you guidance in every area of your life.

We can all benefit from stronger faith, but how do you get it? You don’t have to be a hero. Instead, the sincerity of your heart matters. If you’re looking for easy or magical solutions, you won’t strengthen your faith.

To be strong, you have to eat healthy. The food Jesus fed upon was the will of his Father. God wants us to love, forgive and serve, and Jesus is our example. If you do your best to follow him, there is no doubt your faith will grow stronger.

Oh blessed Lord,

I want to praise, honor and glorify you, but my faith is weak.

Help me please, strengthen my faith. Let me give myself up to you.

Teach me, oh Lord, how to love you more, how to love myself more,

and how to love others even when it hurts.

Let my faith grow strong in obedience to your teaching to love, serve and forgive.

Reveal to my heart this most excellent way.

I can’t do it alone. May your Spirit to work in me according to your will.

For there I find meaning, there I find feeding for my hungry soul.

I ask in Jesus name,



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