Pray this Powerful Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Are looking to grow spiritually? Are you sure you’re ready? Even though we should all seek growth, it might be a good idea to examine our motives first. Do you want to grow spiritually to have more influence or control? Do you want to grow in order to avoid pain? Or do you want to grow so you can love more and serve more — even if it comes at the cost of suffering?

Growth means being renewed. It’s taking all your knowledge, experience and failures and giving it up to a new stage of life. If you entrust this process to God and rest in his ways, then growth is guaranteed.

It’s a day-to-day process. It’s tearing down your personal ideologies and letting the Spirit of God be fully expressed. Be a “grown up” child of God, and bring forth an abundant harvest.

Oh loving Lord,

I’ve come this far, what now?

The first steps in your presence were heavenly.

Then life returns. It still hurts. Are you just a dream?

Then I stop and think of you, of what you did for me.

How you know me and love me despite my shame and failure.

I remember your glory shown to me so many times.

And your Spirit rises up in me again, for you are generous and good.

Renew me, oh Lord. Let me return to the first love, Christ forever in my heart.

May it be a new beginning.

Let me accept and understand in a deeper way, oh Lord, what you plan for me.

May I return to your cross to be cleansed again –

and to know what it means to carry mine.

You are my Lord. You are faithful.

By your grace alone I can be faithful too.

In Jesus name,



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