Pray this Powerful Prayer for Peace in Your Home

Many times, the greatest conflicts and challenges happen at home. When we ask God to bring us peace, he is faithful in his promises. Don’t rely on your strength alone. Instead, depend on our heavenly Father, who is the author and bringer of true peace.

Dear loving Lord, My home needs your peace.

My family needs you. Won’t you come to us?

Won’t you set us free? Pour out your love, Pour out your Spirit,

Wash us clean, cover us, And protect us. By the blood of Christ, We are cleansed.

From his wounds, Mercy and peace come forth, To heal the wounds between us.

Let us respect, And listen to one another. Let us love one another.

Begin with me, dear Lord. Let the change happen in me. Give me strength.

Show me how to love more. Show me how to care more. Show me how to forgive.

Let your Spirit change me, While you care, For the others. Let me trust in this.

That they are in your hands, Just like me.

In the name of sweet Jesus, Amen.


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