Powerful Prayer to Trust More in God’s Spirit

When you trust someone, you let them see a side of you that others might not see. You share intimate feelings with them, and you respect their opinion. The Holy Spirit is a person. And he is a person you can trust infinitely.

So tell him your story. Talk to the Spirit about your hopes, fears and miseries. Lay it all out. It’s a place where you can let your guard down and express yourself freely. Then listen. Listen to what the Spirit has to say to you, even if it’s a tough truth you need to hear.

As time passes, this relationship with the Holy Spirit grows into a deeper trust. You will realize you have more clarity and courage. You’ll see things from a different perspective you never had. Miracles will unfold before you. Your relationship with the Spirit starts in trust and grows in trust.

Trust the Spirit. Let him in. Let him set you free, heal you and transform you. Then go forth into the world as a faithful servant of God.

Oh heavenly Lord,

As your child I know the Spirit lives in me.

This is the promise of God made through Christ.

Now, oh Lord, help me to trust more in your Spirit, even if I don’t have confidence in myself.

Free me from the trap of thinking it all depends on me or my understanding.

Instead, let me surrender myself unto you.

Show me how to be humble and open my heart to God.

Bring down the obstacles, oh Lord, pour out your Spirit over me,

remove my fear and doubt. Allow me to listen and obey.

This cannot happen without you, my Lord, my God.

Form my character to give ample room for your Spirit to work inside me.

May your truth and grace take control of my life,

Since I belong to you.

In Jesus name,



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