Powerful Prayer to Renew Your Hope in Christ

Feeling hopeless might be one of the worst sensations ever. You feel like there’s no solution, or you feel trapped. Or maybe you feel like you’ll never measure up.

When you feel this way, try to break free from putting your problems at the center of your attention. This doesn’t mean you should ignore important issues, but just lay them aside for a moment.

Talk to God. Let him pour out his healing forgiveness and mercy over you. Ask him to bring order to your thoughts and feelings. When you are restored and strong, you can return to the problem with a healthier perspective.

From the wounds of Christ we receive his peace. Never lose hope in our resurrected Lord.

Oh blessed Lord,

I see my life. Today. Now. Am I happy?

Is this where I want to be? Is this who I want to be?

Today is a snapshot in time. Let me not be frozen here, oh Lord.

This is not the last chapter in my life.

In all things, renew my hope.

I can change. So can others. Let me believe and trust in this.

No matter how long it takes. Never perfect, may I move forward in the flow of your grace.

Let me see myself now, for who I truly am.

No more hidden failures. No more empty dreams. Your victory planted in my soul.

Here, today, I rise up again with Christ.

One day I will be with you. One day I won’t even need hope any more.

But for now, may my hope remain strong and free.

Free in knowing you are with me. You are my Master, my Lord.

My hope in Jesus keeps me going until heaven comes.


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