Powerful Prayer to Protect Your Heart

Sometimes we think protecting our hearts means avoiding pain. But in the end, isolation does more harm than good. It’s normal to want to avoid pain, but the strong heart accepts and understands the meaning of suffering.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a defense. And the best protection is a close relationship with Jesus. He heals you and sets you free. He teaches you the “why” of hurt. It’s not easy, and it may take a long time, but in the end you see things from the perspective of God’s Son. He took all our blame even though he was innocent. Jesus knew that the only way to truly protect his heart from all the pain was to love more.

Pray and protect your heart

So don’t go into this world unprepared. It will either leave you very damaged or cause you to harden your heart. Instead, make a difference. Ask for God’s Spirit to work inside you to give you a strong heart. Get divine protection, and the Good News will flow out and bless those around you.

Oh heavenly Lord,

The world suffers and bleeds. It hurts to know and see it. My own failure stings me.

How do I protect my heart, oh Lord? Won’t you show me?

A heart of stone never hurts and never bleeds.

A heart of stone feels nothing, but this is not what I want.

Give me a loyal heart, oh Lord, a courageous heart, a loving heart.

May your Spirit do this for me. Let me not be foolish or afraid.

Jesus saw the suffering, but he did not run and hide. Instead he gave his life.

Let me know that in caring and giving my heart becomes stronger.

Yes, it will hurt sometimes, but I will be fully alive. Full of the Spirit.

And in all things my heart will rejoice at the glory God.

May it be this way according to your will, oh Lord, according to your way.

In Jesus name,



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