Powerful Prayer to cast out the lies of the enemy

We all blow things out of proportion at times. It could be because you are tired or overworked. Or maybe you have deeper issues that need to be resolved. Whatever the reason, in many cases, the enemy is part of the problem.

What does the enemy do? He tells you lies that even the smallest inconvenience is the end of the world. Another lie he tells you is that everything revolves around you and your schedule. So take yourself out of the center of the universe. There is only one innocent and faithful enough to be there.

When we return to Jesus, our perspective changes. We realize how much we have been given. We begin to be more thankful. We understand that we can forgive and be forgiven. The Holy Spirit shows us the clear dimensions of a problem and the right way to handle them.

Pray for the enemy to be cast out

The prayer for liberation can be intense. Always invoke the name of Jesus during this kind of prayer. It is serious spiritual combat, and you want our leader King to be in control of the fight.

Then, when the turmoil fades, rest in his peace. Rise up and keep going. Know that the Lord goes with you.

Oh heavenly Lord,

The enemy rises up like a river against me. I have problems and trials.

Some are tremendous. And the demon wraps me up and tangles me in my thoughts.

He wants me to be afraid.

Do not let this happen, oh Lord. Stand up for me, rise up!

For you are a mighty Lord. Send your Spirit to defend me.

In the name of Jesus, I reject the lies of the enemy that tells me all is lost.

Instead, I take up my shield of faith and the blade that is God’s word.

Cast out the evil one, oh Lord! In Jesus name, send the influence of the enemy far from me.

By the blood of Christ I am saved. In his resurrection I am confident.

In proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ I have courage.

My life has meaning, value and joy.

In my heart there is only room for one King.

My Christ, my Savior, my Lord,

In the name of Jesus,



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