Powerful Prayer to Break Free from all Evil

Even though we all want to be free, sometimes we forget about a crucial question about freedom. If you are free, what do you do with your freedom? If you could do whatever you want, what would you do? Our answers sometimes reveal that our inner struggles are really what keep us enslaved.

The liberty we find in Christ isn’t the kind of freedom the world tries to sell us. It’s not about power or temporary pleasures. Instead, it’s about a deep trust in our Creator. It’s the security of knowing that even though you’ve made mistakes, you are forgiven 100%. You can start again as the Lord makes all things new.

Remember, your freedom came at great cost. So use your freedom to spread love and mercy. Use it to show others they can be free too.

Oh blessed Lord,

I feel trapped and chained. I have nowhere to go. Can you help me? Won’t you set me free?

Show me first, oh Lord, If I must change. Reveal to me if any sin keeps me a slave.

Forgive me and set my soul free first.

Then from there, from a place of grace, guide me to where you wish to lead me.

Cast out the enemy, break the chains, open the way with your mighty hand.

Oh loving Lord, set this captive free.

Reveal your truth to me, the truth that tells me I am loved, forgiven and Christ lives in me.

In the name of Jesus,




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