The Most Powerful Prayer a Mother Can Pray for Her Children

A prayer for strong mothers in faith

My God, I offer you to my children;
You gave them to me, they belong to you forever;
I am educating you and I ask you
to keep them for your glory.

Lord, that selfishness, ambition, evil
do not divert you from the right path.
That they have the strength to act against evil
and that the motive of all their actions
is always and only good.

There is so much evil in this world, Lord!
You know how we are weak
and how evil often fascinates us;
but You are with us
and I put my children under your protection.

Give them light, strength and joy on this earth, Lord,
so that they may live for you on this earth; and that in heaven,
all together, we can enjoy your company forever.


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