Powerful Prayer for When Your Life is Falling Apart

When it seems as if your life is falling apart, this prayer can inspire you ask God for deliverance. Remember, many times the greatest struggle is how we perceive things. You can change your reality by letting God change your attitude.

Dear heavenly Father, The enemy comes over me, Like a river.

Everything is wrong. Not one thing goes right, For me. Where are you Lord?

Won’t you come to my defense? The Lord says to me, ‘l will contend with those,

who contend with you, and your children I will save.” Rise up, Oh Lord, rise up! Strike down the enemy.

Place in my heart, The courage of a warrior. Show me it does not depend,

On my circumstances, But rather the fight, Is for my heart.

Let bitterness be dispelled, By the light of your Spirit. All victory, Is yours alone.

Christ defeated death. This sets me free. This makes me strong.

I am God’s child. Bless me Lord, Defend me, deliver me, By your strong and mighty hand.

Through your infinite loving mercy. In Jesus name, Amen.


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