Powerful Prayer for Renewed Strength

Feeling run down and tired? Maybe you have a lot of responsibilities, or you might be facing a crisis. Many times, the problem is mental fatigue. You’re tired of worrying and dealing with problems all the time. It’s even harder when a lot of the burden rests on your shoulders alone.

One great thing about faith in God is how he can turn the tables on any situation. He brings us help and relief when we least expect it.

Maybe even more amazing is how the Spirit of God renews us even before our situation changes. He gives us new energy and insight. In many cases, the right attitude alone makes a huge difference. Suddenly, distances seem shorter, and you figure things out will less stress. The Holy Spirit reveals things to you that you never saw before.

In the face of difficulty, living joyfully is a true miracle. So pray for the gift of seeing things from a heavenly perspective. Be renewed in the love of Christ.

Oh loving Lord, these are tough times I’m in.

Walls close in, and it gets tight. So much to do.

Many, many needs. I feel weak and weary.

Won’t you help me, once again?

Show me, oh Lord, a new way. Break down any structure that traps me.

Cast out the liar that tells me, “You can’t.”

Open my mind to see with eyes of grace, the hidden shortcut, the open path.

Bring order, oh Lord. Thy Kingdom come.

Make my thoughts quick and nimble. Strengthen my arms to carry the heavy load.

And when I have to wait, let me wait, and rest in my beloved Savior, my Lord.

Alone it’s impossible, but upon the solid Rock I stand.

Strong, confident, I know who I am. God’s child, forgiven, forever free.

In Jesus Christ, in his holy name,



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