Powerful Prayer for confidence

Dear almighty Lord,

I’m struggling in this time Of fear and doubt.

Suddenly it appears as if Everything I do is wrong.

The enemy comes to me Offering me his lies, telling me I’m lost and I built my life on sand.

Still, I push back. I dig in my heels and resist For I know in the core of my heart, In the center of my being, Your Spirit burns like a mighty fire.

I am your child. This is my identity, My eternal destiny, Paid for by the blood of Christ.

Nothing can remove me from your hand. May your love consume me, And your grace overwhelm me.

Your promises give my spirit wings. Stand with me again, oh Lord, rise up!

Drive out the enemy With your mighty hand. Let all my fears be washed away By your cleansing grace.

May I stand tall and confident In your presence As Christ stands with me.

In Jesus name Amen.


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