Powerful Prayer for a Strong Testimony

What is spiritual combat? For most of us the real battle is everyday life. As a representative of Christ, your life testimony is the greatest challenge.

We have to live in honesty and virtue. We must seek ways to serve and to share God’s Word. Our work and citizenship should be impeccable. Christian standards are very high — so how can you do it? First of all, accept that perfection is impossible. Look for improvement little by little. In prayer, ask God where you can change. Be persistent.

When you fail, don’t get stuck in a rut. Dust yourself off, ask for forgiveness and begin again. Remember, nothing can take away your place as God’s child. This is the promise for all who receive and believe.

Trust in the Spirit working in you, and the results will be amazing. You’ll thank God for the solid life he’s given you. Not a life without problems, but a higher truth that gives purpose and meaning to all things.

Dear loving Lord, I seek your presence, Here I find peace and calm.

My life depends on you. Build-in me, Oh Lord, A strong character,

My life a testimony to glorify you. In my family, let me lead And serve as you desire.

In the church, May I praise and worship Fully part of the living Body.

In my work, let me produce In faithfulness and honesty.

In my community May, I be salt and light Sharing the Gospel of Christ.

This is the struggle you call me to, A true spiritual victory Revealed in my testimony before the world.

Christ lives in me, A sinner redeemed. His Spirit lets me thrive.

Build my character, Oh Lord, As your forgiven child And you my beloved Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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