Powerful Prayer for the Eternal Rest of Your Deceased Relatives

Let us unite in prayer for the soul of the one who was called to eternity


Holy Father, Eternal and Almighty God,

we ask you for those

whom you have called this world.

Give them happiness, light, and peace.

That they, having passed through death,

partake of the fellowship of your saints in the eternal light,

as you promised Abraham and his descendants.

May your soul suffer nothing,

and you design to raise them up with your saints

in the day of resurrection and reward.

Forgive their sins,

so that they may reach with you

the immortal life in the eternal Kingdom.

Through Jesus Christ, your Son,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit.


(Praying Our Father and Hail Mary)

Give them, O Lord, everlasting rest

and shine for them your light! (Three times)

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