Powerful Monday Morning Prayer

Lord Jesus, thank You for this beautiful Monday morning that we are alive to see the splendor of Your marvelous creation.

We worship You and praise Your Holy name. Blessed be the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We appreciate all that You continue to do for us, Heavenly Father.

We trust You completely because we believe that we are stronger than we have ever been,

as we stand on the power of Your mighty Word.

Lord, we thank you for Your continual protection.

Thank you for your protecting angels around our home and our family.

Give us strength for this day and fill us with your peace.

Pour out your blessings as you have always blessed us.

Thank you Lord, for bringing the word of God every morning to start the day.

As we awake to another blessed morning, clear our minds.

Fire-up our spirits so that we can be the salt of the earth wherever we go today.



4 thoughts on “Powerful Monday Morning Prayer”

  1. Please pray for my family
    We really need prayers
    My two younger sons 26 & 28 stay away from us.
    My husband son 42 stays away from us .
    Plus his sister .
    We have more then our share of bills with out having the money to pay for all.
    See we was to have a Mike Smith and his wife buy my husband parents house but instead of buying it they damaged it bad .
    They did over 20thousand dollars worth of damage to it.
    Everytime we think we are going to sell it they back out of it where it hurts us bad .
    We don’t have the money to pay for the house please say a prayer that we can get it sold now.
    Also my husband wanted to sell his shop to guy by the name of Justin Cain he hurt my husband every shape and all .
    My husband had Justin Cain come to the shop in April while by June he left .
    Justin was to slowly take my husbands shop over .
    While didn’t go bc he open his own shop and is trying to take my husbands customers.
    We now havepast dues on almost everything and really need gods help .
    We have found out that some people are working with the devil such as Mike Smith And his wife and Justin Cain they both hurt us more then I can say .
    We need to help us with the bills and with our family .
    Please don’t allow us to be homeless .
    Thank you very much

  2. Please pray for my family and my dogs and myself that we have more than enough money to cover all the bills and then some .
    It has been very stressedful and we need god help asap .
    Also , my youngest son Kurt who is 26 years old came over yesterday to see us , he doesn’t talk much or do anything besides stare at my bc mom who is 82 and myself .
    But he does talk to my husband and jokes around with him as well my oldest son .
    We haven’t done anything to him what so ever .
    This makes both my mom and I cry away from all .
    I am happy he came but I wish he treat me like I’m his mom and my mom is his grandma .
    Bad enough anything that is going on such as family plans he says he will make it then never does .
    He unfriended me on Facebook and I hadn’t done anything I’m so upset.
    Also his step mom Xcel is a evil witch and I pray she and her evil keep all away from my son and my family .Please pray as well to that Kurt my youngest son age 26 moves up to Snow Shoe pa from Harrisburg PA asap I need him to stay away from his step mom and her family and her friends he needs to be safe .
    He also has been having promblems with the law he got a DUI
    Please protect him and keep him safe from all that evil asap .
    Bring him with his family instead of seaming like he has a chip on for my mom and myself.
    Get him away from all that evil from his step mom in Harrisburg PA and move him to snow shoe pa asap.
    We believe all is possible with God and we ask to make this happen asap .
    I and my mom and my family and I thank you very much

  3. Please pray for my son any a job going for interview Starbucks ? depressed he wants a job he gets frustrated he doesn’t know how to talk to people pray for him pray for my car needs brakes and my car engine lights are coming on pray for my husband has mental issues problems anxiety panic attacks prayer for my grandson struggling with mental issues motor skills develop premature anger frustration pray for protection people look at him different because he has special needs prayer for my granddaughter struggling with algebra English leadership pray for her grades pray for her find good friends that are good for her pay for protecting the school where she goes purple her mom every day she takes them to school she home studies and take some to the two days to school start of school prayer for her mother everyday travels with him pray for me I need a lot of prayer and struggle with bills can’t pay my credit cards out of debt

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