Powerful Miracle Prayer For The Sick

Lord Jesus, You are my healer.

I reach my broken hands to You in hopes that You will restore my health.

There is no one who has the power to fix what is broken in me, except for You.

I trust that you can take away all my pain. I believe you can heal me.

So Lord, I ask that You grant me your grace once again.

Only You know what I am made of; your perfect hands stitched me together in my mother’s womb.

You have the divine knowledge to see inside where my human body is failing.

I plead with you, Creator, to grant me a miracle and fix in my DNA what is errored.

I beg for a miracle that you will rid my body of the microscopic invaders that are making it malfunction.

Please cleanse my organs from the toxicities of this world.

I am healed In Jesus name Amen!


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