Most Powerful Prayer for Spiritual Renewal

Has your relationship with God gone stale? Just like any relationship with a person, the same old routine isn’t always best. Yes, you need stability and consistency, but you also need freshness and life. A relationship with Jesus doesn’t have to be a spectacle, but it should not be boring either.

In every case, a healthy relationship with our Lord means growth. You’ll never get to perfection, but you improve. You never fully understand God’s ways, but your trust in him grows.

Look for ways to revive your spirit. Make a conscious effort. Seek God and his will more intensely. Go deeper and let him solidify your faith. Let the Lord make your joy more complete. Then watch your capacity to love grow.

Oh loving Lord,

Even though I know you and accept you as Lord and Savior,

I don’t want to fall into a routine.

So I come to you seeking a fresh, new perspective.

Not to throw away past lessons,

but for your Spirit to rebuild and breathe new life into my faith.

Show me how to do this. Let me open myself completely to your voice;

the voice that tells me God is love and in Christ all things are new.

Renew me, restore me, break me down if needed, then,

let me fall in love again, oh Lord, trusting in your promises.

Now a bit more mature and solid in the ways of the Master but still with so much to learn.

Let my joy be a deeper joy, one that celebrates and gives thanks.

Let my love be a deeper love, one that receives and gives life.

May it all start and end with my Lord, my God, my Savior Jesus Christ,

In his holy name,



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